About us ...
Good Spirits Home Care uses the process of care management to ensure that real needs are addressed in co-operation with the patient / client and all relevant role players.
A comprehensive care plan is compiled in co-operation with all the role players involved with the patient relatives, doctor, hospital, therapists, community resources, etc.
The care manager co-ordinates and manages the services in liaison with the registered nurse.
A care team (care manager; registered nurse; personnel manager) identifies a trained and experienced home carer according to the specified needs of the patient.
Regular monitoring visits at home ensure a high quality of service delivery.
Services can be adjusted anytime according to personal circumstances and needs of the patient.
Good Spirits Home Care is here to offer each individual the best level of private home care.
Our fees are charged on a weekly basis and agreed with you prior to the commencement of the carer at your home.
We understand that each client’s needs are different and we take this into account when giving you a quote for the specific care you require.
Telephone:     +27 (0) 76 088 5928

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